The Lego Marvel’s Avengers Trailer is Selfie Aware
In case you forgot, there's a Lego Marvel video game still on the docket this year. That's on top of Lego Jurassic World, Lego Worlds and Lego Dimensions, all of which are either currently available or coming very, very soon. Though we haven't had a Lego Marvel game proper since Lego …
Why There Will Never Be a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Movie
There is no successful franchise that Hollywood won't try to exploit (see: almost every single summer movie), so it's always seemed a little weird that one of the biggest franchises out there - Rockstar's 'Grand Theft Auto' - has yet to make the leap to the big screen. Well,…
Win a Copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 [ENDED]
If you're tired of stealing cars, getting into fights with gangsters at strip clubs and running from the police, then it's time you moved out of Florida and settled in some place safe so you can get your hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto V!
10 Best Video Games of 2013 (So Far)
When putting together this list of best video games released in 2013 so far, we had to set a couple ground rules. We couldn’t include DLC or ports because that would kind of be cheating. So great games like The Walking Dead 400 days, Final Fantasy V, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and more jus…

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