Comic-Con 2013 will soon welcome some of the most-hyped upcoming movie titles to San Diego next month, and one of the projects making the pilgrimage is Universal's 'Riddick.' The Vin Diesel-starring sci-fi flick is ready to make a splash at the convention, and this new Comic-Con-exclusive poster has arrived to herald its presence.

Vin Diesel himself is not 100-percent confirmed to make an appearance at the convention, though it certainly sounds like he will. Along with this first look at the new 'Riddick' poster, released through the celeb's ever-active Facebook page, Diesel teased, "It's been over [a] decade, since I've been to Comic-Con... Grrr... The Furyan..." So it sounds like he probably will be.

But even if he isn't, this poster will, along with tons of other bits and gadgets making their way to San Diego International Comic-Con 2013. We'll be there front and center to relay all the upcoming announcements, including any from 'Riddick.' In the meantime, take a look at the full poster below. It's not that different from the first one, but, hey, it's Comic-Con-related!

Comic-Con 2013 Riddick Poster
Art by Charles Ratteray for Universal