Perhaps fittingly, the long (since over) wait to learn the fate of NBC's 'Community' felt very much like a game, all players moving their pieces, gains and falls, and patiently waiting for the big bosses to make a decision.  Now, with the renewal officially guaranteed, we can all breathe a little easier, but why do the latest images from the final three episodes still feel like a game to us?

Perhaps because they are!  The AV Club managed to score brand new images from "Digital Estate Planning,' one of three new episodes (the last of the season) airing on Thursday, May 17, which features the Greendale Gang animated as 8-bit video game characters!  To keep things clear given the show's history of concept episodes the gang simply plays a video game based on themselves, rather than the story being stylized into video game, much as Jeff and Shirley suddenly burst into anime for "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism."

"Digital Estate Planning" features guest star Giancarlo Esposito ('Breaking Bad,' 'Revolution') as Pierce's former business partner, who demands that he play the game as a competition to determine who gets control of Pierce's estate money.

Of course, the real question on 'Community' fans' minds is whether or not showrunner Dan Harmon will stick with the show for its fourth season, or if even Pierce himself (Chevy Chase) will return to the series given all the recent commotion.  For now, we'll just have to enjoy 'Community' as a video game!

Check out the images below, and be sure to watch all three final episodes of 'Community's third season, including "Digital Estate Planning" this Thursday May 17 on NBC!


Plus, a third image from The Hollywood Reporter!