You know who doesn't get enough love from the 'X-Men' crew? Gambit. Everyone loves to cosplay as Wolverine and Rogue and Storm, but what about that card-tossing Southern gentleman? This cosplayer knows what's up.

Maybe Gambit just got a bad rap from that horrible Wolverine movie? Who knows. But Gambit from 'X-Men' is such a cool character, that we're shocked we don't see more fans doing Gambit cosplay. As a superhero, Gambit can create, control and manipulate kinetic energy, and he's really good at throwing playing cards. He's also quite skilled in physical combat, making him quite the formidable opponent. On top of all that, he's kind of a ladies' man, and has had some romantic ties to fellow 'X-Men' character Rogue.

See? So Gambit is totally awesome (and not like Taylor Kitsch's portrayal), and if you needed further proof, you should check out this cosplay from fan David Medcraft, who commits to going full-Gambit, complete with headband, Bo fighting staff, and some handy playing cards, of course. This cosplayer from London really impressed us with his striking photos -- particularly one that's been edited to give him Gambit's signature kinetic energy glow.

Check out a few pics of David below, or head over to his Facebook page for more.

David Medcraft, Facebook
David Medcraft, Facebook

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