Way back in Batman v. Superman, some plot stuff was introduced that may have been overshadowed by… all the other weird things that happened in that movie. BvS introduced the Mother Boxes, devices that act like super-supercomputers in possession of fantastic powers and abilities. Three Mother Boxes are hidden away on Earth: one under the sea with the Atlanteans, one with the Amazons, and one with humankind. Turns out, Cyborg, the half-human half-machine member of the team, has been confirmed as one of the Mother Boxes in Justice League.

If you know his history in the comics, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The latest issue of Total Film (via Reddit) confirms that that scene in BvS where we saw Cyborg’s mechanical bits seemingly constructing themselves is the Mother Box at work. Dr. Silas Stone, desperate to save his son after an accident, uses something called “U.S. Gov Object 6-19-82,” which, as it turns out, is the third Mother Box.

Why are they important? Because of Darkseid, of course. The big guy won’t be in Justice League (as far as we know), but the villain Steppenwolf (who has been confirmed for the movie) is searching for the Mother Boxes on Darkseid’s behalf. They’re objects of incredible power, so of course a creature who wants to rule the universe would covet them. And this means that Cyborg is crucial to the plot of Justice League, which will be neat, since we haven’t seen much of him yet aside from that one short scene.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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