The newest Doctor Strange teaser was tweeted by Marvel Studios with the caption “You think you know how the world works ... watch and expand your mind.” And all of that was upside down.

But actually this teaser wasn’t upside down, it was in reverse. The ending is the beginning and the beginning is the ending and some of the dialogue is played backwards and only makes sense when the whole thing is flipped. So don’t watch this while standing on your head (although I guess you could still do that anyway just for kicks), but do pay attention, for mind-expanding purposes and whatnot.

Ooh... trippy. And now, for educational purposes, here is the whole trailer played backwards:

I do enjoy how they made the tagline work both ways - “His Time Is Now” or “Now Is His Time.” (And of course the tagline referring to time specifically is a nice touch as well.) I’m not sure what if anything this has to do with the movie (maybe time travel or reversing time becomes part of Strange’s mystical bag of tricks?) but it’s certainly a novelty among the glut of superhero marketing materials.

Doctor Strange opens in theaters on November 4. I hope it’s projected in chronological order.