Doctor Who gave fans plenty of notice that Steven Moffat would be leaving the series in 2017, though the question inevitably turns to when Peter Capaldi himself will regenerate into a new actor. We’ve heard some vague suggestions before, but at least according to Moffat, “I have no reason to suppose that I’m writing out a Doctor.”

Den of Geek caught wind of Moffat’s latest comments in Doctor Who Magazine issue #502 (on stands now), most notably that his own Season 10 exit should no way coincide with Capaldi’s, whenever that might take place. “I have no reason to suppose that I’m writing out a Doctor,” the longtime showrunner states. “Peter is loving the role, and long may he do so.”

Additionally, Moffat hinted that while his predecessor Russell T. Davies used the opportunity of his final episodes to bring back a wealth of companions and past stars, the Season 10 finale wouldn’t draw nearly as much attention to him:

The departure of a showrunner doesn’t mean anything to the audience. Most of the audience doesn’t know that I exist, so they’d go blank if I attempted to wave goodbye to them. Oh, the embarrassment that would be. So I’m damned if I’m imposing my departure on the show. I just want to do a good one, before I hand over to Chris [Chibnall].

In addition to Michelle Gomez’s likely return as Missy and Matt Lucas’ return as Nardole, Season 10 will also feature Jekyll & Hyde star Stephanie Hyam in a minor role. Pearl Mackie will also joined in the role of new companion Bill, while Peter Capaldi has suggested Jenna Coleman’s Clara might return in some form.

As to the next run itself, Capaldi himself has only officially signed through the coming tenth season, despite having been asked to return after Steven Moffat’s last season in spring 2017. Following Moffat’s exit, Chris Chibnall will sub in as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10.

We’ll at least have a Christmas special to look forward to this year, potentially even an interim companion, but when will Peter Capaldi start looking toward his own Doctor Who exit?

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