In order for 'The Expendables 3' to top its predecessors, it's going to need a few things -- more carnage, more macho dialogue and, most importantly, a few more washed-up movie stars. And you know what? Wesley Snipes more than fits the bill.

Rumors have been swirling for awhile now that
Sylvester Stallone was looking to add Snipes to his increasingly ridiculous 'Expendables' series and it looks like the man himself has all but confirmed that it's happening. The 'Rocky' and 'First Blood' star took to Twitter to announce that the star of the 'Blade' series was back:

Of course, he doesn't explicitly say "Wesley Snipes has joined 'The Expendables 3,'" but this is a case where it's probably okay to read between the lines a little. After all, who else could "us" be? And with Snipes just getting out of prison following a five-year stint for tax evasion, he's in no position to turn down any kind of work, especially when it's a chance to join a rather lucrative franchise.

We still don't know exactly what's going on with 'The Expendables 3,' but we do know that Stallone has set his sights on Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Nicolas Cage to join the cast (only the latter feels remotely plausible) and has suggested that John Woo or Mel Gibson could direct. In any case, it's hard to imagine a third outing with this crew not being completely and totally bonkers...hopefully in a good way.