The 'Iron Man 3' trailer officially debuted last night and if you haven't yet, we suggest you go take a look: it's pretty awesome. And after you've seen the trailer, it's time to go frame-by-frame through some HD screencaps to see what secrets the 'Iron Man 3' trailer reveals about the film.

We went through the 'Iron Man 3' trailer and screencapped the best and most intriguing parts to see what it can tell us about the film. You can click on any of the images below to see them in HD and obviously some spoilers may lie ahead.

It looks like Iron Man got his butt kicked a little bit and crashed in the snow.

Yup, Iron Man definitely got his butt kicked.

The obligatory "Tony Stark meets the press" scene that we think is required in any 'Iron Man' film. We'll guess this is earlier in the film for reasons we'll see below.

This shot shows us Stark first trying out the new Extremis armor, which uses nanotechnology to allow him to control the armor piece-by-piece with his body. This scene shows us the above Iron Man glove rocketing across the room and onto Stark's hand.

Stark's bedroom he shares with girlfriend Pepper Potts. A bunch of Iron Man parts on the floor. A giant telescope in the corner. Strange.

Hmm. A man and young boy approach a memorial. On the wall are painted (?) shadows of people. One of the signs reads, "We love you, Mike!" (Mike?) Interesting to note, there is snow on the ground. Is this the same location we saw Iron Man lying up above?

Guy Pearce as bad guy Aldrich Killian. He's the doctor who creates the Extremis technology but he steals it and sells it off to a terrorist (likely, Mandarin).

What's with the visor on Tony's head? More ability to control the new Extremis armor? Also in this scene, Stark tells Pepper he wants to protect the people close to him.

But uh-oh! Stark and Pepper are awoke in the middle of the night by someone in the Iron Man suit. It's not Tony, so who is it? There are rumors of Iron Man clones, made once the Extremis technology is leaked. (Or, as @TVKevLance points out, is Stark having nightmares and accidentally thought-controlling the armor in his sleep?)

The inside of Stark's laboratory as his Malibu home gets blown up (more on that in a bit).

Our first shot at The Mandarin with a tattoo on his neck of the Captain America shield with the anarchy symbol in the middle.

Another first look. This is Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen, Killian's co-partner in creating the Extremis technology. In the comics, she appears to be on Stark's side early on in the storyline but later it's revealed that she helped Killian steal the technology. Also, she wears nice Adidas sneakers.

Don Cheadle as War Machine/Iron Patriot.

Oh no! Looks like Stark's bodyguard Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) isn't doing too well. Could he be the Coulson of 'Iron Man 3?' And is that an arc reactor glowing in his chest?

Why is Killian smooching Pepper? Is he the one who kidnaps her in the above bedroom scene?

Stark about to be implanted with the Extremis nanotechnology.

An Iron Man fist punching through the side of an airplane. This would look to be an attack on the plane by one of the Iron Man clones and not Stark. It looked to be a military plane and from the people on board, it appeared to be presidential in nature. Is this part of an assassination attempt?

As the plane crashes, the people inside start freefalling to Earth and the real Iron Man zooms down to save them, one-by-one.

Things don't look so good for Pepper. She's clearly been kidnapped and the brick/concrete in the background looks eerily similar to the memorial scene up above. Is Pepper in serious trouble?

Someone (more on who it is below), holding a busted Iron Man mask. We'll assume this is Stark's mask and not one of the clones.

The Mandarin's ten rings. In the comics, Mandarin found these rings on an alien starship and used them to rise to power. Unclear if this will actually be explained in the film. Here's a brief refresher on the rings and their powers.

Iron Iron Man. This looks to be happening during the attack on Stark's Malibu home, which lends credence to the theory that the Iron Man armor has a mind of its own and can assemble without Stark inside. Here, it looks menacing (and Stark looks a little freaked out) but it's possible it's actually there to save him.

We don't know this character's name but it looks to be the one played by French actress Stephanie Szostak. She also looks to be the one holding the busted up Iron Man mask above. Why does she have him jacked up against the wall trying to smooch him? And why is Tony Stark wearing some Eddie Bauer gear instead of his usual GQ-style duds?

Iron Patriot smashing a bodyguard through a conference room table. In the film, War Machine (done up with a patriotic new paint job) is actually something of a Secret Service agent, tasked with protecting the Vice President on a trip to China (not so coincidentally where The Mandarin lives). During the trip home, is that the plane attack we see above?

This looks like it could be taking place during the attack on Stark's Malibu home before it sinks into the Pacific. Perhaps right before the Iron Man vs. Iron Man pic from above.

For an international terrorist, you'd think The Mandarin would have a bigger gun... Also, as you may notice, the rings are gone.

Three helicopters disguised as newscopters, about to wreak havoc on Stark's oceanfront home.

Pepper and Tony realize the stuff is about ot hit the fan.

The missiles are a direct hit and Pepper and Tony are thrown backward.

At some point during the attack, Stark gets in the Iron Man armor but it he still crashes into the ocean. No sign of Pepper.

As the weight of the house sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it wraps around Iron Man and drags him to the depths. Is his suit malfunctioning? Why can't he bust out of this?

Back in the snow, Stark (in his Eddie Bauer get up) drag the busted Iron Man armor behind him. From where? And to where?