We've seen a bunch of trailers now for 'Jupiter Ascending,' the upcoming Wachowski siblings' sci-fi action film, and while we have no idea whether it will be any good or whether it will make any money, one thing has become abundantly clear: this movie is completely insane.

Where does one even start trying to describe 'Jupiter Ascending'? Let's start with the official synopsis:

Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) was born under a night sky, with signs predicting that she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning other people’s houses and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine (Channing Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along—her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

But, that's only scratching the tip of the surface. Watching this trailer, there's just so much craziness on display it's hard to digest it all. Channing Tatum is an albino half-man/half-wolf who rides around on an invisible skateboard attached to his feet. And, that's just one character!

You have to be sort of impressed that this movie got made in the first place. It's ambitious as hell and not exactly the kind of thing studios are greenlighting left and right (especially when you consider the Wachowskis' last movie - 'Cloud Atlas' - bombed), so it's something of a miracle that it exists at all. It's a movie that was originally set to hit theaters this past summer, but has since been delayed to February while the Wachowskis worked on FX. We've heard it's obviously more complicated than that. Warner Bros. thinks that there's actually a good movie somewhere in 'Jupiter Ascending' but that the Wachowskis original cut wasn't that good movie. The delay was partly an attempt to convince Larry and Lana to make the edits/cuts necessary to make the film more palatable to a general audience, edits and cuts that the siblings don't want to make.

It's possible that Warner Bros. will use this time to test different versions of the film and hopefully both sides with come to a agreement on a cut that makes everyone happy. This movie looks too delightfully bonkers to completely go to waste.

'Jupiter Ascending' opens in theaters on February 6.

Jupiter Ascending Poster
Warner Bros.