It's a tough role, but someone's got to take it. The still-untitled Jack Ryan reboot has its star (Chris Pine) and director/villain (Kenneth Branagh) in place, but it's missing the necessary love-interest character. Now we're hearing that it's between Keira Knightley, Felicity Jones and Evangeline Lilly.

This comes from Deadline, who also report that 'Total Recall' co-stars Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel met for the part but turned it down.

With a situation like this, it's best to treat it like a standardized test and eliminate the least likely candidates, and if that's the case then we'd go with Felicity Jones. The English actress has yet to have a breakout role and has mostly appeared in independent films (like 'Like Crazy'), which would make this more of a career boost. She brings no name recognition, but the movie's not about that character, so it may not matter.

Evangeline Lilly would be our next bet, though she's in both 'Hobbit' movies, which may mean that she'll be tied up shooting the third one shortly.

Keira Knightley seems the least likely as she's already done her turn as the love interest in a blockbuster franchise ('Pirates of the Caribbean'), and with the upcoming 'Anna Karenina' seems likely to be nominated for an Oscar this year, if she isn't already the front-runner.

And if we think it'll probably be Jones, it's also partly because roles like this are usually thin to begin with, and previous Ryan love interests (played by Gates McFadden, Anne Archer and Bridget Moynahan) have had little to do. But who's to say how good the role is and if Knightley does sign on, it's surely going to have some meat.