When the first photo was released of the cast of 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' there was a significant backlash at the lack of women in that photo. (The female side of the cast has grown since that photo was released.) For all the success that Marvel Studios has experienced since 2008's 'Iron Man,' what they haven't yet pulled off is a female-led standalone film. Now, a Captain Marvel movie is heavily rumored to be happening at some point, but until that happens, does Marvel President Kevin Feige think about the potential backlash if that doesn't happen soon?

Also, couple that with Marvel Comics announcing that Thor will now be a woman (at least for the time being) and that Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie in 'Captain America: The Winter Solider') would be taking over as the new Captain America. Could these changes affect the Marvel cinematic universe?

When J.J. Abrams released the first cast photo from 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' there was some backlash surrounding the lack of women characters, which they've announced many more since then. 'Captain Marvel' has been a rumored movie, but if a woman-driven movie isn't announced soon, that backlash could happen here, too?

Well, yes. I don't think J.J. Abrams or the 'Star Wars' people -- I have no idea -- but my guess is that they were not swayed by any backlash. We're not going to be swayed by the backlash. We're going to keep bringing the movies out the way we envision it and the way we believe in it -- and that includes diversity in all of the active films. And certainly, on our development slate of many of the characters -- some of which you just named -- and always being conscious of that. The great thing for us is the comics have been conscious of that through the decades and have been rather pioneering in that over the years.

We saw it last week with Falcon becoming Captain America and Thor as a woman.

Exactly. Yeah, for sure. Totally right.

Do you look at that and think, down the line, when current contracts expire, maybe that's something the movies can do?

Well, look, listen, as you know, that's happened before in the comics. It's getting a lot of attention because they've just done it, but both of those things have happened in the past. So, it's always that's part of the fun. There's always that chance to surprise people or to switch up -- a number of people have worn the Cap' costume. A number of people have lifted Mjölnir. So, that's all fodder for future storytelling.

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