It's been about two years since the end of ABC's mega-hit pseudo sci-fi series 'LOST,' though we obviously haven't stopped talking about it.  Even the most hardcore loyalists  found themselves divided by the show's controversial ending, which to say the least, didn't exactly wrap up all of the lingering mystery threads in a nice little package.  So what exactly does co-creator / executive producer (and 'Prometheus' writer) Damon Lindelof have to say for himself?

Insisting he has "no apologies" for the manner in which the historic six-season run of 'LOST' ultimately wrapped up its story, Damon Lindelof is once again making headlines for his defense of the series.  In a recent interview with The Verge, Lindelof strongly defends the series and its controversial ending and insists that the alternative of simply laying out answers (akin to The Architect of 'The Matrix' fame) wouldn't have satisfied viewers either.

Covering everything from the finale's ambiguity and "new age-y" feel to the "degree of improvisation" that occurred within the writers room before the show had a set endpoint, Lindelof's impressive interview may just change a few tunes with regard to the legendary show's ending.  Either way, the producer remains firm that he made the right decision, saying:

There were a bunch of other writers on the show, but in terms of my own feelings of how the [show's] ending I made no apologies for it. I do feel like that was the ending I wanted to do. I was always comfortable with the ambiguity of the show.

It’s not that I didn’t care about the mythology of the show, it’s just like, many shows have come and gone that are very focused on their mysteries and their mythologies and their ambiguity and there is no worse scene in the history of genre than the Architect explaining to Neo everything that happened in 'The Matrix,' and I wasn’t going to touch that with a ten foot pole.

Ultimately, one of the few regrets that Lindelof does express is ever telling the press that "the answers are coming," something the former EP is quick to point out he later stopped doing.

The full length of the interview is below, so take a look and tell us how you felt about 'LOST's' ending!  Would you really have been satisfied with all the mysteries laid bare, or was the emotional climax enough to keep you hooked?  Give your take in the comments!