Do you know what time it is? It's 'Adventure Time,' obviously! Today's cosplay is an adorably tough take on Marceline the Vampire Queen.

By now you guys know how much we love 'Adventure Time' around here, so when we saw this cosplay of Marceline the Vampire Queen, we couldn't resist posting it. We've seen a lot of Marcelines, but this one is aces.

Claire is a cosplay enthusiast who lives in the US and decided to take her Marceline cosplay to the next level -- rather than just focus on one Marceline costume, she put together several iterations from various episodes. There's Marceline in a dress, Marceline with a floppy hat, and Marceline in a basic tank top and cowboy boots, thrashing on her axe-shaped guitar.

Everyone loves to cosplay as Finn and Fionna, but it takes a special kind of attitude to bring Marceline to life. She's surprisingly sensitive, but at the same time she's a teenager, so she can get pretty darn cranky if you annoy her.

If you head over to Claire's Deviant Art page you'll find more photos of her as Marceline, as well as some with her friends dressed up as other 'Adventure Time' characters.

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