Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter of 'Stella' and MTV's 'The State' fame are at it again with this new faux-infomercial series for Adult Swim, and you can watch the first full installment right now. So you should do that.

Michael Ian Black wrote and stars in 'You're Whole,' a new fake infomercial series for Cartoon Network's infamously wacky Adult Swim lineup. In it, Black stars as Randall Tyree Mandersohn, a self-help guru with an appropriately dorky ponytail who is selling a set of 27 DVDs guaranteed to fix your life. Among the topics covered: dieting, report cards, your sex life, and intramural volleyball... because of course.

'You're Whole' appropriately premiered early this morning in the 4 am slot -- the time when you usually see these surreal infomercials while flipping channels and fighting your insomnia. The first full episode (just under 12 minutes long) is available online now and you can watch it in its entirety below.

Black's longtime collaborator and friend Michael Showalter directs the episode, titled "Smoothies, Pumpkins & Cookies," and it's absolutely fantastic. Black is spot-on as a self-help guru obsessed with juicers, intramural volleyball, and "the secrets of the Orientals." He even makes Oriental-themed music and accompanying music videos for his products. And, as expected, the phrase "You're Whole" is used pun-tastically several times.

There are two new episodes of 'You're Whole' airing on Adult Swim in the coming weeks, and Adult Swim says there is one more scheduled for early 2013. Watch it, love it, and then get in the kitchen to make some beer-battered pumpkin nuggets and golden pumpkie yummers.