Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time might have just cast its first villain, in the form of none other than Ant-Man co-star Michael Pena. At this point, we should have learned by now not to be surprised by any more casting choices, as DuVernay first made the central family of the film mixed race instead of white, and cast Zach Galifianakis as a character who’s normally a woman. And now we have Michael Pena, who could appear in the film as one of the most sinister, creepy characters of the book.

According to the official Wrinkle in Time Twitter account, Pena has been cast as “Red.” If this means what we’re pretty sure it means, Pena is the Man with the Red Eyes, whom Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and her friend Calvin meet halfway through the book.

The Man with the Red Eyes lives on planet Camazotz, which has been made into a perfect utopia where everyone does what they’re told when they’re told to do it. Camazotz is ruled over by the creature It, who speaks to Meg and her friends through the Man with the Red Eyes. At first, Pena seems an odd choice for this role, as the Man is supposed to look mighty sinister. But then again, maybe someone nonthreatening would be more likely to get children to listen to him. I’d think about giving up my free will to someone as friendly-looking as Pena before giving it up to someone like, I dunno, Jack Nicholson.

According to Deadline, Moonlight star Andre Holland and Pan actor Levi Miller have also been cast. A Wrinkle in Time will open in theaters in 2018.