New on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this week, there's the historical shoot-'em up of 'Hatfields & McCoys,' a Blu-ray of the original 'Total Recall,' a new British TV addiction to try and, on VOD, the most darkly, disturbingly, dementedly funny movie of the year, 'Klown.'

  • 'Hatfields & McCoys'

    With Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton playing the two Southern patriarchs who led their families into a feud that'd become part of American history, 'Hatfields & McCoys' is a big and brawny miniseries that plays with the sweep, scope and scale of a feature film. With 290 minutes of historical hillbilly homicide and huge beards, it'd be tempting to write it all off as good dirty fun … were it not for the fact that both Costner and Paxton are given a chance to put the hammer down and act like they haven't had in years. There are some extras, but the best thing on 'Hatfields & McCoys' is seeing two great actors give everything they've got to one majestic tale.

  • 'Total Recall'


    The upcoming 'Total Recall' re-make looks grey, sterile and snoozy; what better time to go back to Paul Verhoeven's insane 1990 original, complete with mutant rebels, bloody decapitations, awful Arnold one-liners and more. "Total Recall" isn't much of a science-fiction film, but it's one hell of a Schwarzenegger movie, and this new Blu-ray's transfer is so good it actually makes some of the FX shots look a little creaky. Still, with Arnold, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside, Sharon Stone and who-can-forget-him Kuato, 'Total Recall: The Mind-Bending Edition' is blood-red, candy-bright crazy fun, and a reminder of how they don't make them like they used to.

  • 'Misfits'

    DVD and Blu-ray

    You remember that show 'Heroes?' Okay, good. Now imagine if it were a) about British juvenile offenders and not mopey douches, b) modeled more on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and less on 'Days of Our Lives' and c) awesome instead of crappy. Five kids doing community service work get zapped by a lightning storm -- and soon find themselves able to hear thoughts, or become invisible and some other surprises … but it turns out that great responsibility maybe isn't included with great power. With its zippy six-episode arc, don't think of 'Misfits' as a British TV show; think of it as a cool imported movie that you get to be cool enough to be ahead of the curve on.

  • 'Klown'


    A nerd's girlfriend wants kids and needs to know he's ready. A blow-dried blowhard is getting ready to take the nerd on their annual camping/drinking/womanizing trip. The nerd figures he can prove he'll be a good dad by kidnapping his 10-year-old nephew and bringing him along with the blow-dried blowhard because, hey, what could possibly go wrong? Woozy, boozy and hilarious, the filthy, funny 'Klown' plays like a blender drink of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'Eastbound and Down,' 'Borat,' 'The Hangover,' 'Jackass' and, yes, the films of Lars von Trier, served over sharp rough rocks but with a surprising amount of heart as the garnish. I cannot tell you how wrong 'Klown' is here, but I can tell you that it'll also give you short-and-shocked, loud-and-long laughs you'll never forget.