Though you won't find one for sale officially anywhere just yet, some pictures on Sony's PlayStation 4 page hint there may be a bundle coming containing a game and the PlayStation 4 camera.

Before you go getting to excited about this rumored bundle, the pics uncovered by DualShockers were actively hidden from public view by Sony. Of course, the site didn't have to do too much digging, as the 33-picture gallery was missing a few images, and it merely input those numbers to find the mysterious whole package.

Multiple SKUs should be nothing new to PlayStation fans, but for all intents and purposes, Sony had thus far been decided in its choice to use just one model of the PlayStation 4 for pre-orders. It's possible these mock-up images could also be used in the future, as Sony's PS3 has seen various iterations over the years with combinations of games and controllers.

Until Sony makes an official declaration, we won't get our hopes up too high, but a full PS4 bundle like this would sure make some fans happy, even if it ended up being a bit pricier.