YouTube is great at kitten hijinks and skateboarding fails, but at its best it provides the average joe with a forum to show off his skills. Such is the case with this short but incredibly impressive 'Star Wars' anime, which was created by user OtaKing77077. Lucasfilm, you had better watch closely.

Essentially a montage of a mammoth space battle, the video depicts the Empire's TIE fighters and the Rebel Alliance's X-wings (among other ships) blasting it out in epic fashion. Simple proposition, awesome execution, and a great many wonderful sights are contained within. (Love the AT-AT Walkers' cameo!)  The only negative here is that it's not much, much longer.

The song, 'Born to Lose' by Sleigh Bells, was in fact added by another user; it appears as thought the original version of the short was taken down by Mr. OtaKing77077; perhaps thanks to a cease and desist letter straight from Lucasfilm? Will be interesting to see if we can expect more from this video's creator;  don't we all yearn for something visionary to cultivate in the 'Star Wars' universe once again? Shouldn't this be the future of the 'Star Wars' franchise instead of more 'Clone Wars' episodes?