At the time that this sentence is being written, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only 107 days away from its December 18 opening. As we anxiously wait for the next trailer, we fill our days with speculation. Speculation about box office. Speculation about the unknown surnames of new characters. But there is one thing that doesn’t even need to be speculated about because it is a forgone conclusion – the spherical droid BB-8 is going to take the world by storm and its newly revealed toysareis going to be the must-have item of the year for kids and adults. Damn it, BB-8! Why do you have to be so adorable!

Once the fully functioning practical BB-8 appeared onstage at Star Wars Celebration, everyone in the world knew that a toy was inevitable. We knew that Sphero was planning to release a BB-8 toy of some kind because of this page on their website. The company was probably planning some kind of grand reveal for what was going to be, by default, the toy of the holiday season. Well, here he is.

[UPDATE: The photo of the unboxed BB-8 app-controlled droid has been removed at the request of Sphero. Official images coming on Friday!]

Justin Neel

The Sphero version of BB-8, which you can control with your smartphone, will be available at select retailers on Force Friday for $149.99. If that’s too much cash for you, we have another option.

That brief, roughly shot video video of a little BB-8 that looks and sounds like the actual thing, rolling around on the floor of someone’s home. The only thing missing is a cat recoiling in terror as the newest and cutest inhabitant of the house chases it from room-to-room, establishing its dominance. This version is a Target exclusive and instead of being controlled via smartphone and Bluetooth, this one is a standard radio-controlled unit and retails for $79.99.

These may seem expensive, but imagine the overwhelming devotion you’ll inspire in your children if you brought this thing home … and then buy it for yourself because BB-8! BB-8! BB-8!