24: Legacy

'24' Boss Talks Killing Jack Bauer, 'Legacy' Appearance
Kiefer Sutherland made reasonably clear that 24 was behind him after FOX event series Live Another Day, a fact supported both by the franchise’s next Jack Bauer-free Legacy, and Sutherland’s own upcoming ABC drama. Now, producer Howard Gordon weights if they should have killed Jack Bau…
'24: Legacy' Revival Series Casts Corey Hawkins to Lead
24 already had its X-Files revival moment with 24: Live Another Day, and FOX seems about ready to start a whole new chapter with 24: Legacy. As such, our new Jack Bauer has already arrived, as Straight Outta Compton and The Walking Dead star Corey Hawkins takes the lead role of the new series.
FOX Confirms '24: Legacy' Reboot With All-New Characters
A ways back, we’d heard that FOX had an eye toward another 24 revival, albeit without Kiefer Sutherland’s famous Jack Bauer at the helm. Consider that officially come to pass, as FOX orders a pilot for 24: Legacy, casting new leads with little chance of returning any of the past 24 fav…