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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has a Cameo in ‘The Last Jedi’
While a handful of cameos in The Last Jedi remain rumored, director Rian Johnson has confirmed at least one actor to look (or listen) out for in the upcoming Star Wars sequel. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who appeared in Johnson’s three previous films, will also appear in The Last Jedi. News of the actor’s cameo comes not long after John Boyega (jokingly?) confirmed three others, including Tom Hardy and a pair of particularly notable princes.
Universal Will Make Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s R-Rated Musical
Last February, it was announced that Universal Pictures had won a bidding war for an untitled R-rated musical comedy written by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the screenwriter behind 21 Jump Street. While little was known about the film at the time, Variety reported that Godon-Levitt had also enlisted Channing Tatum  —  noted dancer and Professional Handsome Man  —  to co-star with him in the film. Since that announcement, things were pretty quiet about the project until just this past week, where suddenly a flurry of updates were released by Universal Pictures.
‘Snowden’ Review: Oliver Stone Weak Whistleblower Biopic
There’s no doubting for a moment of Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ that the filmmaker is a staunch fan of the whistleblower. A love letter fueled by a rah-rah liberal patriotism for the former CIA and NSA contractor’s achievements, Stone’s solemn biopic isn’t necessarily a film about Edward Snowden, but for Edward Snowden.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says The Dark Knight Trilogy Had the Perfect Ending
In today’s superhero movies there’s no such thing as a finite ending. Everything feeds into a sequel, spin-off or remake within Marvel and DC’s larger cinematic universes. Superhero franchises have become giant movie making machines where endings become teases for the next installment. But the one outlier of that cyclical trend was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, which began before Marvel dominated movie screens.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Politics in This ‘Snowden’ Clip
If you live in Washington, D.C., how often do you walk by the White House? It seems like an odd place to go. In the new clip from Snowden, for example, we see the two main characters on an early date as they stroll past a protest outside the White House gates. Wouldn’t this be an unnecessarily crowded and uncomfortable path to walk? I have to figure that this is the D.C. equivalent of taking your date on a walk through Times Square, something you should never, ever want to do.
‘Snowden’ Trailer: They’re Watching. They’re Always Watching
In some ways, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a higher-end version of James Franco but occasionally you have to wonder if we’ve allowed him to take himself a little too seriously. Take the latest trailer for Oliver Stone’s Snowden, for instance, which A.) Reminds you that this is a movie that is still coming out soon, and B.) Features one of the most baffling prestige-acting accents in recent memory.

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