Judy Greer

Judy Greer Will Be Back for ‘Ant Man and the Wasp’
It looks like Ant Man and the Wasp will be getting the whole Ant Man family back together again, as pretty much everyone from the original cast is confirmed to return for the sequel. Today brings the good news that the hilarious Judy Greer, who played Ant Man a.k.a. Scott Lang’s ex-wife, will be back for the second go-round.
War Gets Emotional in the Latest ‘Planet of the Apes’ Spot
If you’d told me a decade ago that one of my most highly anticipated moments of the summer would be a showdown between Woody Harrelson and a CGI primate, I probably would have politely excused myself, driven to the local video store, rented a VHS copy of Clint Eastwood’s Every Which Way But Loose, and smacked you over the head with the cassette tape. My, how things change. Under the careful eye of director Matt Reeves, the war between primates and mankind is now one of the hottest summer tickets, and the early trailers and teasers for War for the Planet of the Apes promise one of the best big-budget movies of the year.
Will Michael Pena and Judy Greer Return in ‘Ant-Man’ Sequel?
Ant-Man and the Wasp isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until next July, but with Marvel gearing up to start production this July, you’d think that everyone who’s returning from the first film would know about it by now. That’s not the case for both Michael Peña and Judy Greer, neither of whom seem to know if they’re coming back for the Ant-Man sequel. Your guess is as good as theirs.
'Archer' Opens Up 'Dreamland' With Six New Season 8 Trailers
One wonders if Archer Season 8 will actually take time to spell out the nature of its Dreamland makeover, but a flurry of new trailers should also help do the trick. Probe the noir world of Season 8 a little more deeply with not one, but six new trailers for the April premiere, including some fresh looks at characters we haven’t seen much of yet.
'Archer' Season 8 Trailers Enter Noir 'Dreamland'
Yesterday brought word that Archer would be moving to FXX for Season 8 (albeit without a formal premiere date beyond “spring”), and a first look at the new “Dreamland” setting more than ensures we’ll follow. Watch Sterling and co. give their best noir in new promos for the Season 8 premiere!
FX Renews 'Archer' for Three More Seasons Through 2019
Anyone keeping up with the seventh season of FX’s Archer likely panicked over its finale cliffhanger, especially as the network had yet to confirm additional seasons. Now, Figgis Detective Agency (or whatever we’re doing next) will be back in spades, as FX confirms a whopping three (!) more seasons for Archer.

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