Mary-Louise Parker

'Red 2' Teaser Trailer
'Red 2' is the sequel to 2010's surprise hit 'Red,' and it reunites Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren and ropes in new cast members Catherine Zeta Jones and Anthony Hopkins. Now there's a teaser for the film, and it looks fun.
‘Weeds’ Review: “Saplings”
"Convenience" is a word we fear in television shows -- a word that indicates an avoidance of effort for the sake of tidying up a narrative. This week 'Weeds' embraced convenience by evaporating Jill and sending Andy off on his next relationship adventure. "Abrupt…
‘Red 2′ Teaser Poster: Check Out Some Famous Behinds
It may not begin shooting until next spring, but you can check out a teaser poster for the upcoming sequel 'Red 2' right now. Yes, right this second, you, avid reader of the internet, can look at some famous people from behind and existentially ponder what all of it means.
‘Weeds’ Review: “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara”
"How far is it from beginning to end," Stevie asks Nancy near the end of this week's 'Weeds' as she stares existentially at a map of New England, where her job is sending her for two weeks out of every month. And even though Nancy left her drug business behind, she&a…
‘Weeds’ Grows a “Wicked” New Season 8 Teaser
There are still quite a a few questions to be answered when Showtime's long-running pot comedy 'Weeds' returns for an eighth, and potentially final season on July 8, and details are being kept tight, but a fresh offering from the garden might be just what we need to get back in the hi…