Adventure Time

'Adventure Time' Officially Ending in 2018
The adventure is officially over. Yes, Cartoon Network’s most beloved cult hit has officially named a time to bring the long-running Adventure Time to an official close, albeit one we have a few years to build up to. Find out what creators have to say about the end, as well as the future!
'Adventure Time' Movie in the Works
A ton of games and toys and classic properties have made the transition to the big screen, but here’s one you might actually be stoked about with little-to-zero persuasion: Warner Bros. is currently developing an Adventure Time movie, based on the wildly inventive hit series from Cartoon Netw…
'Adventure Time' Gets the Inevitable Gritty Reboot Treatment
Nowadays it's common for studios to take the beloved properties from our youth and update them into new movie franchises -- hell, they're even doing it with old board and video games. So it makes sense for someone to jump ahead of the curve and imagine what a gritty reboot of 'Adventu…
We put together a definitive guide to the 'Adventure Time' voice cast that helps make the show so incredible. There will be some faces you don't recognize, but also get ready to go, "Hey, I didn't know that's who that was!"

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