Amy Brenneman

'Leftovers' Season 3 Returning Almost Entire Cast for 8 Eps
HBO’s The Leftovers has almost a yearly tradition of shifting locales, but with a rumored move so drastic as Australia, many had to wonder if the third and final season would plausibly take everyone down under. Thankfully, it seems most all of The Leftovers’ Season 2 cast will participate in the final year (along with a happy promotion), though we might expect a shorter run than 10 episodes.
‘The Leftovers’ Review: It’s Still TV’s Most Poignant Drama
Season 2 of The Leftovers, which premieres on HBO this Sunday, has drastically changed things up from Sthe grief-heavy Season 1. After the first season reached the ending of Perrotta’s book (though Perrotta remains an executive producer), Lindelof’s series is now free to further explore other, larger areas of the story. The first three episodes of the new season, which were provided in advance to press, do exactly that.
'The Leftovers' Season 2 Trailer Sees No Miracles in Miracle
Following its initial revelatory teaser, The Leftovers finally serves up a full course for Season 2. The Garvey family has moved on in the first spot of the second run from Damon Lindelof’s post-rapture drama, but a move to the departure-free Miracle, Texas has brought anything but peace to the family, judging by the explosive footage.
'Leftovers' Season 2 Sets October Premiere, Story and Cast
Following its moderate first season reception, The Leftovers finally gave up its HBO vanishing act and gave us a first Season 2 teaser, with a haunting new mystery. Now, the network has officially set the Garvey family’s off-book return for October 2015, with a new synopsis that reveals our Season 2 story and cast.