'Archer' Season 9 Might Not Return to 'Dreamland'
Few would deny Archer took the creative route of dealing with its incapacitated lead by a trip to Dreamland, but will the ninth, or potentially final season bring us back to real life? According to creator Adam Reed, Season 9 may pick up with yet another new theme.
'Archer' Season 8 Trailers Enter Noir 'Dreamland'
Yesterday brought word that Archer would be moving to FXX for Season 8 (albeit without a formal premiere date beyond “spring”), and a first look at the new “Dreamland” setting more than ensures we’ll follow. Watch Sterling and co. give their best noir in new promos…
'Archer' Season 8 Moves to FXX for Spring 2017 Premiere
Archer Season 8 seemed pretty touch-and-go for a few minutes last year, between that cliffhanger ending and a delayed renewal, and now another notable change seems to be afoot. Archer will follow a number of FX comedies in making the move to FXX, getting closer to a spring 2017 premiere for Season 8…

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