Ariel Schulman

‘Nerve’ Directors to Tackle Live-Action ‘Mega Man’
For the past 30 years, Mega Man has been a staple of the video game community. In all that time, he’s only had a handful of appearances outside of a gaming console. Since the early ’90s, most fans of the Blue Bomber have had only his short-lived (and very bad) animated show and co-starring gig on the Captain N animated series (also very bad) to “enjoy.” In 2015 however, news of a live-action film starring Capcom’s resident robot hero got our hopes up. Barely anything has been heard about that feature since, but today it appears Mega Man may have found its directors.
‘Viral’ Trailer: Avoid Infected at All Costs
It can be tough to fit in as a teenager. It can also be tough to get along with your siblings. And if it turns out that your sibling is infected by some kind of psychotic worm virus that makes her want to murder you in your sleep? Maybe you find someone else to give her graduation ticket to.
‘Nerve’ Trailer: Emma Roberts Learns Why the Internet Is Bad
Judging by a trailer that seemingly reveals just about everything (including the bodies of its leads), Nerve takes the premise of indie thrillers like Cheap Thrills and the lesser-seen 13 Sins and re-frames it with the treacherous world of a little place called The Internet. With that particular distinction in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that Nerve was helmed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the directing duo behind Catfish (the movie, not the TV show).