Asa Butterfield

'Spider-Man' Rumor: Asa Butterfield Is Marvel's Top Pick
Just last week, it was rumored that Sony and Marvel had their eye on a handful of young male actors to take on the role (and great power and responsibility, etc.) of Peter Parker in their upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Among the names on that list was Ender’s Game star Asa Butte…
New 'Spider-Man' Casting Shortlist Revealed
Now that Marvel and Sony have struck a deal allowing Spider-Man to appear in the MCU, it was only a matter of time before a new web-slinger was chosen. The new deal will see Spidey make his Marvel debut in Captain America: Civil War, while Marvel will work with Sony on rebooting the character once a…
'Ender's Game' Review
The kids today and their video games! Well, if Gavin Hood's adaptation of Orson Scott Card's beloved sci-fi novel, 'Ender's Game,' is any indicator, the fragging youngsters of today may become the saviors of tomorrow. Whether they want to or not.
'Ender's Game' Poster and Photos
Despite the controversy surrounding 'Ender's Game' author Orson Scott Card and his views on homosexuality (which everyone seems to have forgotten about), we can still expect the film adaptation to hit this coming November 1. In preparation, Lionsgate has debuted the new IMAX poster an…
'Ender's Game' & 'Divergent' Panels
Thursday, Jul. 18 on Comic-Con 2013's bustling Hall H stage was home to two highlights from the young-adult movie genre's upcoming slate. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind 'The Twilight Saga,' kicked things off with panel presentations for 'Ender's Game' and …
'Ender's Game' Trailer
The sci-fi novel comes to life as we see a young boy named Ender training in a futuristic battle school and proving himself a master of the art of war.
'Ender's Game'
'Ender's Game' is by far one of our most-anticipated Young Adult book-based movies hitting theaters in the coming months, and now we've got the first poster to prove it.

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