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Blumhouse CEO Explains Why He Hasn’t Hired a Female Director
Blumhouse Productions is a name you’ve seen in front of numerous recent hit horror films and franchises, including The Purge, Get Out and this year’s Halloween. With over 70 titles released and another handful on the way, Blumhouse has become a genre film powerhouse — one that has yet to release a single horror film directed by a woman. CEO and founder Jason Blum has an explanation for that, and it sounds pretty ridiculous.
Jason Blum on Why He’s Letting Todd McFarlane Direct ‘Spawn’
If you know one thing about Blumhouse Productions boss Jason Blum, it’s that the man knows how to finance excellent horror movies. From Hush to Split to Get Out, Blumhouse has built a reputation as a destination for talented low-budget genre filmmakers, and the success of this past year  —  and the studio’s upcoming Halloween sequel  —  should only vault the studio to new heights. Part of what makes this formula work is the studio’s dedication to artistic freedom: while Blum is notorious for his rigid approach to production costs, as long as you are able to deliver under-budget, you’ll be given a chance to make something with your stamp on it.
Producer Promises ‘Halloween’ Will Be Out By October 2018
From the moment it was first announced, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Halloween remake has been the Holy Grail of horror fans everywhere. Not only do the two filmmakers have the blessing of original Halloween director John Carpenter  —  who is reportedly very happy with the script and keen on writing the score for the new movie  —  they also have the backing of indie horror studio Blumhouse Productions, which has been behind two of the breakout hits of 2017: Jordan Peele’s Get Out and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. While fans’ reactions to the Rob Zombie remakes may be mixed, there’s nothing but good vibrations going on for Green and McBride’s reboot, and Blumhouse is keen on capitalizing on the trust they’ve earned.
‘Get Out’ Is the Most Profitable Movie of 2017 So Far
We all knew Get Out was one of the best success stories of the year, but did you know it is actually, as of now, THE most successful movie to open in 2017? Jordan Peele’s sharp study of modern racism disguised as a horror flick is the most profitable movie of the year, with a return on investment of 630 percent.
Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ Won’t, Uh, Feature Much Spawn
When it was announced on Friday that Todd McFarlane would be writing and directing his own Spawn movie for Blumhouse, the non-Weeknd portion of the internet responded with a fair amount of skepticism. Sure, everyone has fond memories of reading Spawn comic books when they were in their teens, but how exactly would an R-rated, low-budget Spawn film stand out from the crowd of bigger and badder superhero movies? Not to mention the fact that McFarlane himself would be directing despite any feature film experience; his entire body of work as a director consists of four music videos shot eight-plus years ago.
Todd McFarlane Announces a New ‘Spawn’ Movie at Comic Con
Blumhouse Productions is killing it recently. The production company behind The Purge, Get Out, and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split has been racking up a new slate of horror and horror-adjacent films lately (there’s going to be a Purge 4), and the company will continue their hot streak with a new Spawn movie.
‘Happy Death Day’ Trailer: Get Ready for a Slasher ‘Groundhog Day’
The innovators over at Blumhouse — the studio that gave us recent horror hits like Get Out and Split — just revealed the trailer for their latest chiller: Happy Death Day, which turns the premise of Groundhog Day, where a hero relives the same day over and over, into slasher film fodder. In this case a young woman (Jessica Rothe) celebrates her birthday by getting brutally murdered by a psychopath in a mask ... and then wakes back up in bed the previous morning. She keeps reliving the same day (her death day, if you will) until she can figure out who killed her.

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