BoJack Horseman

'BoJack Horseman' Reacts to Oscars' 'Moonlight' Mix-Up
Just as it seemed to presage vandalism of the Hollywood sign, BoJack Horseman proved eerily prescient about a major mix-up at the Oscars. The fan-favorite sitcom star and Netflix character took in the big Best Picture mix-up at the 2017 Academy Awards, likening it to the show’s own climactic …
The Best TV Shows of 2016
Peak TV grows ever-more crowded in 2016, with hundreds of series competing from Westeros to Westworld, the streets of Harlem, underwater factories and everywhere in between. Join ScreenCrush TV critic Kevin Fitzpatrick to cut through all the clutter, and rank the very Best TV Shows of 2016!
Netflix Wants Half Library to Be Original Content
Only a few short years ago, Netflix had in mind to double its roster of original programming by 2016. That goal has more or less been achieved, with something new debuting practically every Friday, so what’s next? Why, launching even more originals, to the point they make up 50% of the stream…
'BoJack Horseman' Officially Renewed for Season 4 in 2017
BoJack Horseman picked a hell of a weekend to debut his third Netflix season, to coincide with the madness of Comic-Con 2016, but never you fear an end to that binge. The star-studded animated comedy will get right back to Horsin’ Around in 2017, as Netflix confirms Season 4 for BoJack Horsem…

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