Brit Marling

‘Sound of My Voice’ Review
'Sound of My Voice' is a testament to the ingenuity of independent film.  Here is a movie that builds a massive science-fiction world out of literally nothing. It features dangerous cults, government conspiracies, mysteriously gifted children, and possible time travelers -- and almost the entire thing takes place in a drab, suburban basement.  Director/co-writer Zal Batmanglij and star/co-writer B
Brit Marling Interview: Talking the Secrets of ‘Sound of My Voice’
Where did this Brit Marling come from? She comes from the future! Or at least that's what her character Maggie wants you to believe in her film 'Sound of My Voice.' This beautiful, young, inquisitive actress and screenwriter has been a part of the indie film conversation since her double-barreled debut at Sundance 2010. The star and co-author of the mostly good 'Another Earth' is now primed to rel
First Official Poster for ‘Sound of My Voice’ Pulls Us In
It's been a long journey for Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij's 'Sound of My Voice,' the quiet little sci-fi film about a couple infiltrating a cult led by a beautiful, mysterious woman named Maggie (Marling), who claims she's from the future. But the film is set for release this summer and we finally have a poster for the film.