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New 'Arrow' Season 5 Promo Teases Laurel's 'Legacy'
Just as yesterday brought us a fresh look at The Flash Season 3, so too is Arrow opening the quiver for our first Season 5 footage since Comic-Con 2016. Laurel’s legacy is at last unveiled, while Mayor Queen gets an intimidating new foe and some rough meetings in a new trailer.
'Arrow' Season 5 Casts Chad Coleman as New Villain 'Tobias'
Arrow Season 5 certainly made waves with its intent to cast a villain cut from the cloth of The Wire iron Stringer Bell, but who knew they’d go right to the source? The fifth season of DC’s emerald archer drama has tapped Wire and Walking Dead alum Chad Coleman for a majorly bad role, uniting all of Star City’s criminals.
'Walking Dead' Boss On Killing African-American Characters
The first three seasons of The Walking Dead developed an unfortunate trend of killing off male African-American characters just as a new one would emerge, an issue many were quick to reprise when Season 5 killed off three more leading men of color. Now, in advance of Season 6, Dead showrunner Scott Gimple addresses the “tricky” controversy, noting the actual actors have no bearing on their character’s fate.
HBO's 'The Wire' Gets HD Remastering in 16x9
Long renowned as one of HBO's crowning achievements in drama, David Simon's Baltimore crime saga 'The Wire' is getting a major facelift for 2015. Not only will the network premiere a high-def digital remastering of the series in late December, but digital and Blu-Ray updates of 'The Wire''s remastered set will be available after the new year.
'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere Photos: "No Sanctuary"
It's been a few weeks since we've seen very much from 'The Walking Dead' season 5, at least after the inaugural round of context-less character photos, but no more! Rick and the other trapped Terminus folk are finding "No Sanctuary" in the full gallery of October 12 premiere photos, and their grill-happy captors are definitely screwing with the wrong people, by the looks of things.
'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Photos: Reunion at Terminus?
'The Walking Dead' won't shamble out its fifth season premiere "No Sanctuary" for another month at least, but even the Comic-Con 2014 trailer didn't mind telling us that Rick and the rest of the "A" car won't be holed up in Terminus forever. To wit, the AMC horror drama has released a plethora of new character portraits for the season, with some surprising season 5 reunions, and more than a few questionable omissions!
Everything to Know About ‘The Walking Dead' in 60 Seconds
AMC's ‘The Walking Dead‘ will be back on our TV screens for season 5 before long, but before Rick, Daryl and the rest show the hungry people of Terminus who they're screwing with, we could use some light refreshment. Before the world ends (again), feast your eyes on everything you need to know about AMC's 'The Walking Dead’ in 60 seconds!
The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Breakdown
This past weekend at Comic-Con 2014 saw AMC shambling out its official trailer for ‘The Walking Dead,’ season 5, dropping plenty of bodies, blood and tantalizing teases for the new episodes premiering Sunday, October 12. We couldn't help diving a little deeper into every frame of footage to read between the lines, so what secrets of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 have we unlocked? Beware of major spoilers, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 trailer!

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