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Phil Lord, Chris Miller Break Silence on Han Solo Firing
Getting fired from the Han Solo spinoff wasn’t the first time Phil Lord and Chris Miller experienced creative heartbreak. Over the weekend, the filmmaking duo appeared at the Vulture Festival for a panel dedicated to their tragically short-lived series Clone High. During the Q&A, talk inevitably turned to Lord and Miller’s other, more recent career hiccup, with the pair finally — and gracefully — breaking their silence on the departure from the Star Wars universe.
‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Producers Share Details on the Sequel
The LEGO Movie revealed itself as a meta-exploration into the mind of a child, and all the delightful adventures and characters found therein. For their next trick, co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going even further, doubling up on their storytelling style to tell the tale from two entirely different perspectives.
Bradford Young Is Still the Cinematographer of ‘Han Solo’
Phil Lord and Chris Miller assembled a dream team to create their Han Solo spinoff Star Wars anthology film. The cast is incredible: Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, and Alden Ehrenreich as the young Solo. The screenplay was by longtime Star Wars creative force Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon. The cinematographer was Bradford Young, whose quickly proven himself as one of the most talented young D.P.s in the business with films like Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Selma, and Arrival. If you’re gonna make a Han Solo movie, these sure seem like the men and women you want to do it with.
Woody Harrelson Talks ‘Han Solo’ Director Shakeup
Woody Harrelson is a pretty chill dude, so when he was recently asked about Ron Howard replacing Phil Lord and Chris Miller on the Han Solo spinoff, his response wasn’t particularly surprising: “I wouldn’t worry.” Of course he wouldn’t worry; he’s Woody Harrelson, a man who wears flip flops to film premieres and calls fellow mellow dude Matthew McConaughey his BFF.

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