Chronicle 2

'Chronicle 2' Happening After All? Fox Hires New Writer
'Chronicle 2,' the potential sequel to director Josh Trank's found-footage kids-with-superpowers movie that broke out Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan into the spotlight, seemed to always be a thing that might eventually happen (at least, according to writer Max Landis), but hangups and the lack of an official green light made it seem unlikely. However, 20th Century Fox is giving life back to the
‘Chronicle 2′ – Screenwriter Max Landis Describes the Rejected Sequel
'Chronicle' screenwriter Max Landis likes to talk. A lot. Any interview is a chance for him to talk about the "dozens" of projects he has in the works. Any podcast appearance is a chance for him to wear down the host with his thoughts on the state of Hollywood or genre filmmaking. And his Twitter feed? His Twitter feed is where everything else goes...and in this case, his Twitter feed is
‘Chronicle 2′ Loses Original Writer Max Landis
It's been in the works since last year, but 'Chronicle 2' doesn't seem to be making much traction. The sequel to the 2012 film, based on a script by Max Landis and directed by Josh Trank, seems to have encountered a new problem: Landis is no longer scripting the film, meaning that the sequel will not feature the original director or writer of the first film.
‘Chronicle 2′ Is “Moving Along” With a “Really Dark” Script
Shortly after the dark, found-footage superhero-y 'Chronicle' killed at the box office, a 'Chronicle 2' was announced with screenwriter Max Landis returning to pen the script. The process has been slow to say the least, but Landis has calmed our fears with an update on the project. And yes, it is still happening and it's looking to be just as dark, if not darker than the first.
'Spider-Man 2' casts Harry Osborn
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' has filled the last piece of the casting puzzle. With Mary Jane Watson cast (Shailene Woodley) and Electro cast (Jamie Foxx), the last major role to be filled was that of Harry Osborn. And today director Marc Webb took to Twitter to announce the new addition to the cast.
‘Chronicle 2′ Script Has Studio Executives Unhappy
'Chronicle,' a refreshing entry into both the superhero and found footage genres, was a success at the box office and 'Chronicle 2' was announced fairly quickly. Made with a budget reportedly under $15 million, the original 'Chronicle' benefited from having an energetic young cast, a solid vision and a dramatic, original screenplay by Max Landis. With Landis once again working on the script, 'Chro
Max Landis Will Return to Write the ‘Chronicle’ Sequel
It's difficult to have audience members get into a new type of superhero that they haven't been exposed to for years already like Batman, Superman or Spider-Man. Luckily for all those involved with 'Chronicle,' lighting struck as the right combination mixed together formed a box office hit of a movie. Now 20th Century Fox wants to move forward with 'Chronicle 2,' hiring the scribe of the first mov