Cougar Town

‘Cougar Town’ Renewed For Season 5 By TBS
Where once 'Cougar Town' fans had begun to lose hope that the wine-soaked series would ever be given its proper due on ABC, the acclaimed comedy has finally found its true home on TBS. Following a successful fourth season still in progress at its new TBS spot, 'Cougar Town' has officially been renew…
Cougar Town: “Square One” Review
As we edge towards the end of season three for 'Cougar Town,' Jules and Grayson are faced with one of the toughest challenges of them all: living together. Between the white t-shirt challenge and trying to live with Grayson, Jules certainly has her hands full in this episode.
‘Cougar Town’ Move to TBS Officially Official
Break out the wine!  Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox-starring comedy 'Cougar Town' fans can officially rest easy that their beloved series will have a new home after the current season.  And considering all the shuffling the show has been through, and even stars speaking out abou…
Cougar Town: “Down South” Review
Hurricane party! "Down South" is the latest episode of 'Cougar Town,' and it showcases why its one of the best shows on network TV. Mixing comedy with earned emotions, it may not have been the best episode of their run, but it shows that - even with the ratings and schedu…

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