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'Flash' Finale Review: 'Finish Line' Reaches Savitar's End
‘The Flash’ crosses its Season 3 “Finish Line” with Tuesday’s finale, revealing last week’s loss surprisingly not what it seemed. Still, does the final Savitar showdown cop out on a more interesting story? And are we Think-ing about Season 4’s big bad yet? Find out in our full finale review!
Killer Frost Costume Debuts in New May 'Flash' Photos
All year long The Flash has seen Cisco rocking his Vibe costume (even giving Barry a future upgrade), so where are Caitlin’s Frost-y new threads? Watch Killer Frost make her formal Earth-1 debut in new Savitar-teasing photos and footage of next week’s “I Know Who You Are.”
New 'Flash' Synopsis Might Explain Vibe-Killer Frost Battle
Flash fans have been waiting since at least Season 2 to see Caitlin Snow go full Killer Frost, and Season 3 promised early on that she and Vibe would go head-to-head. Now, a new synopsis for the first May episode could explain Cisco’s cryptic future vision, if not spell Caitlin’s exit from the team.
'Flash' Savitar Reveal Expains Cisco's 'Killer Frost' Vibe
Last night’s Flash outing finally introduced us to Season 3's big bad “Savitar,” a hulking self-described “God of Speed” that last had Barry pinned against the wall. His lightning movements made the CG character difficult to see at first, but one small detail raises an interesting question, and might just upend Cisco’s prophesied “Vibe” about Caitlin becoming an evil “Killer Frost.”
'The Flash' First Look at Vibe and Killer Frost Costumes
Flash fans have known since The CW series first confirmed Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow as major characters that Vibe and Killer Frost would one day grace the screen. All three seasons have taken steps closer to their comic counterparts, and now a new featurette finally reveals what Killer Frost and Vibe will look like all-suited up.
'Flash' Goes Full 'Killer Frost' in New Kevin Smith Synopsis
It wasn’t terribly long ago that two-time Flash director Kevin Smith accidentally revealed his upcoming episode title as “Killer Frost,” and recent episodes have more than leaned into that heading. So it is, that the seventh episode press released teases Caitlin giving over to the dark side, and turning on her former friends.
'The Flash' Cast Weighs in on 'Batman v. Superman' Battle
Just over a week will see gods and men brawl for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, firmly cementing Henry Cavill’s broody Man of Steel and Ben Affleck’s somehow-less-broody Dark Knight as our live-action DC mainstage. The cast of The Flash has their own take on who might win the day, even as the movies summarily refuse to acknowledge their existence.

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