David Cronenberg

‘Eastern Promises 2′ Not Happening
Mainstream cinema is currently driven by franchises, though sometimes it's questionable what should or shouldn't get a sequel. Surely Warner Brothers would drive a truck full of money up to Christopher Nolan's house if he did 'Inception 2,' but some stories are best left to one film only. David Cron…
‘Cosmopolis’ Review
It's better to think of David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' as a dream than a movie. It might not work in cinematic terms -- it's talky, it's stiff, it's aimless -- but it makes perfect sense in hypnagogic ones.
The film, based on a novel by Don DeLillo, has been billed in some corners as a science-ficti…
‘Cosmopolis’ Gets a More Mainstream Trailer
After David Cronenberg's more subdued last couple of films, we're happy to see something a little stranger from the master director. And if the trailer for 'Cosmopolis' is any indication, there's definitely some weird things afoot, even if it does star 'Twilight's …
Tim Roth is David Cronenberg’s ‘Knifeman’
We're curious to see what David Cronenberg will do with a television series, but he's definitely casting it to our interest. Tim Roth has signed on as the lead of Cronenberg's 'Knifeman,' which currently does not have a network.