David Lynch

The Criterion Collection Announces October 2017 Titles
We are living in the peak era of Twin Peaks. In addition to David Lynch’s riveting television revival (which will inevitably become the best series of 2017, don’t @ me), the iconic filmmaker’s cult classic prequel film is coming to The Criterion Collection this October. Also joi…
'Twin Peaks' Coming to Comic-Con 2017 With Full Panel
Showtime’s Twin Peaks managed to keep reasonably opaque through three years of production, and even its first eight episodes, but can it survive Comic-Con? We’ll find out, as David Lynch’s cryptic mystery takes the main stage for its own 2017 panel; itself already impossible to …
Showtime 'Twin Peaks' Return Episodes Streaming Free
Showtime’s Twin Peaks may not have offered the ratings smash network heads hoped, but its online presence has given the mystery drama a major boost. Now, ahead of Sunday’s fifth episode premiere, new Twin Peaks is coming back in style with the first two episodes streaming free.
David Lynch Says Trailers These Days Are ‘Really Harmful’
In the weeks before the new season of Twin Peaks premiered, none of the promotional footage we saw gave us any hints about what to expect. That was exactly how David Lynch wanted it: for a show this intricate and bizarre and tempting to try and dissect, there was to be no information that could lend…

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