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David Goyer Admits 'Constantine' Was a Mistake for NBC
We’re just weeks away from Constantine star Matt Ryan conjuring a magical resurrection on The CW’s Arrow, but many still lament the character’s own home at NBC casting him out into the cold of cancellation to begin with. Now, executive producer David Goyer admits that NBC might not have proven a wise home for the demon-fighting detective, who could have lived longer under a different model.
'Da Vinci's Demons' Canceled After S3: First Trailer, Poster
Fans of Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons, we have good news and bad. On the plus side, the premium cable network has released a first trailer, poster and October premiere for Season 3 of the historical drama! Conversely, Starz confirms Season 3 will be the last for Da Vinci’s Demons. Also, your frogurt is cursed.
'Krypton' TV Series with David Goyer Lands At Syfy
We did it, everyone! First 'Smallville' took us back to a teenage Clark Kent's evolution into the Man of Steel, then 'Gotham' explored the origin's origins of a prepubescent Batman. Now, Syfy is officially upping the ante with writer David Goyer to create a 'Krypton' TV series, exploring the origin's origin's origin of Superman's grandpappy!
'Krypton' TV Series in Development with David Goyer
First 'Smallville' set out to tell the tale of Superman before the days of donning a cape and tights, then 'Gotham' borrowed the idea to show Batman's earliest beginnings, but could 'Krypton' go back even further into DC mythology? 'Constantine' and DC's David S. Goyer has reportedly begun development on a new 'Krypton' TV series, which may well tell the origins of Superman's pre-origins.
NBC Constantine Casts New Lead, Nixes Smoking & Bisexuality
NBC's forthcoming DC-adapted 'Constantine' series surprised us all this past week with the revelation that 'True Blood' star Lucy Griffiths would be written out as the female lead, but the biggest surprises are yet to come. Find out who's been cast as the new female lead "Zed," which of John Constantine's comic habits won't make it to TV, and what future DC characters might pop up over the course of the first season!
'Constantine' Conjures Matt Ryan as the Hellblazer!
Normally we'd expect Friday nights reserved for the likes of such run-off news as 'Space Jam 2,' but it seems NBC doesn't mind keeping its new 'Constantine' in the dark, so to speak. Welsh actor Matt Ryan has landed the title role in David Goyer's DC pilot for NBC, but what else have we learned about the demon fighting detective?
NBC's 'Constantine' TV Series Gets Official Pilot Order
Just hours after FOX further enticed DC fans with details of its forthcoming 'Gotham' TV series, another dark DC hero has gained momentum with his own TV adaptation. NBC's David S. Goyer-produced 'Constantine' TV series has been given an official pilot order, getting us one step closer to the 'Hellblazer' adaptation we've always wanted to see.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Starring in a 'Sandman' Movie?
Despite being one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed comic books of all time, Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' has yet to make it to the big screen. It's not like they haven't tried, of course. Multiple parties over the years have made attempts and they've all failed. Truth be told, it's a good thing they've failed since most of Hollywood's takes on Gaiman's dense fantasy mythos have sounded
‘Constantine’ TV Series: NBC Conjures DC’s latest TV Superhero
Late the other night we were shocked to learn that Warner Bros. and DC Comics had successfully negotiated the Batman prequel spinoff series 'Gotham' for a FOX order, compounding the existence of The CW's 'Arrow' and its potential 'Flash' spinoff, but it seems they weren't quite through yet. Classic DC supernatural hero John Constantine will conjure up his own NBC series as well, produced by David

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