'DuckTales' Reboot Reveals David Tennant and All-Star Cast
DuckTales fans probably think about that iconic theme more-so than anyone notable names among the original cast, but the 2017 Disney XD reboot has you covered either way. Not only is David Tennant our new Scrooge McDuck, but so too do SNL and NBC stars debut in a new video singing that famous theme!
'DuckTales' 2017 Reboot Gets Extensive Disney Marketing
It isn’t outside the realm of possibility for Disney to keep a hidden vault of Scrooge McDuck-like proportions, open for (very painful) swimming at a moment’s notice. If not, the new DuckTales reboot might at least make enough for one, judging by Disney’s plan to merchandise the…
‘Ducktales’ Reboot Coming to Disney XD in 2017
DuckTales is coming back with even more tales of daring do, bad and good luck tales as Disney XD announced that they're bringing back the 80s cartoon with a new animated series set to launch in 2017. Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie will all be return and they just might solve a mystery. Or…