End of Watch

Free DVD
ScreenCrush and GuySpeed are partnering up for a weekly DVD giveaway. This week, we're offering up a copy of 'End of Watch,' the Jake Gyllenhaal- and Michael Pena-starring cop flick about two LAPD partners who encounter the greatest criminal forces they've ever faced.
Weekend Box Office Report: A Three-Way Tie With No Clear Winners
It's expected that box office numbers go up on Sunday afternoon. By that point, the estimates tend to be pretty accurate and if there is a difference come Monday morning, it's negligible. Not so today. Three new releases are nearly deadlocked as I write this and we won't know until sometime tomorrow…
‘End of Watch’ Review
The aesthetics of a found footage movie -- a narrative designed to look like a documentary shot by the characters onscreen -- often lend absurd concepts a sense of realism they otherwise wouldn't have. The found footage aesthetics of the new cop movie 'End of Watch' have the opposite effect. The cha…
‘End of Watch’ Red-Band Trailer
Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena look to get more than they bargained for in 'End of Watch,' the David Ayer-directed film about two cops facing the wrath of a drug cartel.  Now there's a NSFW red-band trailer for the movie.
‘End Of Watch’ Poster Is Ready For Anything
It feels like 'End of Watch' is one of those movies that's been silently brewing and slowly been capturing everyone's attention. Once the first trailer came out, our interest perked up. There's nothing like a good old fashioned cop movie to tickle our fancy. Now there's…