‘Entourage: The Movie’ is Happening
After a eight season run on HBO, 'Entourage' is coming back... but this time on the big screen. We knew there was a finished script, but today Warner Brothers has given the project the green light.
Fox and ‘Entourage’ Creators Developing Marijuana Legalization Comedy
Well, that didn't take very long, did it? While a few weeks ago most concerned themselves with petty matters like the Presidential election, the real story came out of Colorado and Washington, where a measure passed legalizing the sale of marijuana! While perhaps symptom of a delayed reaction (hint hint), it seems Hollywood has responded in kind by developing a FOX sitcom based on the legalizing m
HBO’s ‘Entourage’ Movie Script Finally Completed…Yay?
Everyone knows that when a TV series ends, rumors will fly of a potential big-screen adaptation, regardless of any probability of it actually happening.  HBO's long-running, Mark Wahlberg-produced celebrity drama 'Entourage' seemed particularity apt for the transition, given the nature of the series itself, but could it ever really come to fruition?  Get ready folks, because whether or not you wan
President Obama Promises to Appear in ‘Entourage’ Movie?
Forget "Obamacare."  It's not his controversial healthcare agenda but Barack Obama's support of the 'Entourage' movie that Americans will associate the 44th President of the United States with. According to the (too?) long-running HBO series, Adrian Grenier, the Prez has agreed to appear in the upcoming film.