Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane to Star in Live-Action FOX Sci-Fi Dramedy
If Seth MacFarlane’s live-action presence in movies like A Million Ways Ways to Die in the West didn’t thrust the Family Guy creator into the spotlight, how about his own live-action FOX series? We’ll find out, as MacFarlane boldly goes with a new series order for a sci-fi dramedy set among the stars.
Seth MacFarlane Hints a 'Family Guy' Movie Coming Soon
The benchmark for most of TV’s most iconic and enduring animated series seems to be the eventual transition to movies, as we’ve seen with The Simpsons and South Park, but at long last, could Family Guy be far behind? Creator Seth MacFarlane hints it might happen sooner than we realize.
'Family Guy' Season 14 Casts Ashton Kutcher and More
FOX’s Family Guy has never lacked for star power in its seasonal guest roster, and Season 14 should prove no exception, even in live-action. That’s right, series star Mila Kunis will loan out husband Ashton Kutcher for a live-action Family Guy short, while other guest stars run the gamut between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Margaret Cho.
10 Facts You Might Not Know About 'Family Guy'
FOX’s Family Guy stands as only one corner of Seth MacFarlane’s animation empire, but it wasn’t terribly long ago the series became of one of the first shows revived by DVD sales. Not only that, but do you know what honor Family Guy shares with The Flintstones? That answer and more are just some of the freakin’ sweet facts from the 15th episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?,’ which heads to Quahog for FOX’s Family Guy!
Comic-Con 2015 FOX Panels for 'AHS,' 'Last Man' and More
Summer winds blow west to Comic-Con 2015, and while 20th Century Fox aren’t the first TV holdings to confirm their presence, they’re certainly the biggest yet. American Horror Story, The Simpsons, The Last Man on Earth and many more have all thrown in their hats for the San Diego madness of Comic-Con 2015.
100 Interesting TV Facts You May Not Know
Well hello there, TV super-fan! Did you know that Breaking Bad breakout Jesse Pinkman was almost killed off in Season 1? How about that Joss Whedon hated the original Buffy theme song, or Curb Your Enthusiasm served as a murder alibi? Can you imagine LOST starring Michael Keaton? Why yes, we ​do​ have more where that came from!
'Family Guy's 'Simpsons' Crossover Premiere Clips
Like it or not, 'Family Guy''s Griffins will make their way to Springfield this coming Sunday for landmark crossover premiere "The Simpsons Guy," and no animated universe is safe. Peter will trade chicken-style fisticuffs with Homer, Bart and Stewie will swap pranks, and morbidly disturbing car-washes will be held. See for yourself with seven (!) all-new clips from the 'Family Guy' season 13 crossover premiere "The Simpsons Guy"!
'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' Crossover Reveals 1st Photos
Fans of either 'The Simpsons' or 'Family Guy' have divided over the latter's upcoming "Simpsons Guy," ranging from "I smell another cheap cartoon crossover" to "freakin' sweet," but nothing will stop the inevitable clash of peach and yellow. See for yourself with a brand-new gallery of photos from 'The Simpsons' upcoming 'Family Guy' crossover, along with some retro details of this Halloween's upcoming "Treehouse of Horror" installment!
Comic-Con 2014: 'Family Guy' Panel Recap
Worlds will collide this fall as ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ cross paths for the first time, with a little bit of ‘Futurama’ for good measure. We’re on hand in Ballroom 20 for Comic-Con 2014, so find out what happens when Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin meet up, beat up, and exchange families with our full account of the panel from San Diego Comic-Con!

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