'Homeland' Season 6 Will Take Place After Election Day
It’s been some time since Showtime’s Homeland left us on a vague Season 5 end, and promised to return to the United States in Season 6. Fall 2016 itself may be a charged time for the country, and it seems Carrie Mathison will get right back in the middle, as Season 6 eyes the vulnerabl…
'Homeland' Season 6 Pretty Much Confirms Quinn's Return
Homeland Season 5 deliberately left us on an ambiguous note regarding Rupert Friend’s fan-favorite Quinn, and news that Carrie would relocate to New York for Season 6 kept up our curiosity. Showtime offered a few cryptic teases, yes, but now seemingly confirms that Rupert Friend will be back …
'Homeland' and 'The Affair' Renewed for 2016 Seasons
Whether or not you dedicate your Sunday viewings to Homeland and The Affair, it shouldn’t surprise that Seasons 5 and 2 won’t be the last for either. Showtime has officially renewed both its long-running counter-terrorism drama and the extramarital mind-bender for new 2016 orders.
Carrie Goes Rogue in Full 'Homeland' Season 5 Trailer
The success of Homeland Season 4's ostensible reboot has us eager to learn if Showtime can pull it off a second time this fall, and the first full trailer for Carrie’s new private life in Germany doesn’t disappoint. There’s explosions, intrigue ,and all-kinds of black-baggi…

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