Ice Age: Collision Course

Record Number of Animated Films Eligible for Oscar This Year
Since the introduction of the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the 74th Academy Awards in 2002, we’ve seen a steady exponential increase in animated movies over the years. Pixar, and, by extent, Disney, has usually dominated the competition, with eight wins out of ten nominations, followed by DreamWorks and Disney’s animation studio. This year, we have a record 27 movies eligible for the award, and while the Academy can pick only five to nominate, for now it’s anyone’s game.
Weekend Box Office: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Warps to Number One
This has been one of the strangest summers in recent memory when it comes to box office analysis, not because so many high profile movies have disappointed (although that has certainly been interesting), but because so many new releases are hanging out in the grey zone between hit and misfire. In an era where the success of so many movies is determined purely by opening weekend numbers, we’ve spent the past few months watching as movies has defied expectations after a weak opening or rode a solid opening into oblivion. The cut-and-dried successes can be counted on one hand.
The 20 Best Voice Performances in Animated Movie History
We’re halfway through a summer of cinematic animation domination: Finding Dory is Pixar’s highest-grossing film, The Secret Life of Pets now holds the record for biggest opening weekend for an original film ever, and a fifth Ice Age film opens later this week. So now is the perfect time to unveil a list of the 20 best vocal performances in feature animation ever. (One caveat: Though some of the films mentioned here may boast more than one great performance, we restricted ourselves to just one performer from any given film.) With that in mind, let the countdown begin with...
New Trailer for ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ Goes to Space
Historically, the addition of space travel into the mix has never failed to revitalize a flagging franchise. Take Clive Barker’s series of Hellraiser films, for instance: four films in, and the engine was losing steam. So for Bloodline, the film split into a triptych across centuries, the frame story for it all taking place on a spacecraft orbiting Earth. Demonic tormentor Pinhead killing people on Earth — not very scary, but Pinhead killing people in space — I’ll take two tickets, please. So, in this respect, Ice Age: Collision Course is without a doubt the Hellraiser: Bloodline of the Ice Age franchise.