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James Mangold to Direct Corrupt Cop Thriller ‘The Force’
With the Patty Hearst movie off the table, James Mangold is back on the directing market. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the director of last year’s Logan to land on his next gig: The Force. Originally optioned as a potential directing vehicle for Ridley Scott, the corrupt cop drama — based on Don Winslow’s bestselling novel — will reunite Mangold with Logan writer Scott Frank.
James Mangold’s Patty Hearst Movie Canceled
Well, that was fast. Mere weeks after James Mangold signed on to direct the untitled Patty Hearst biopic based on the book American Heiress, Fox has canceled the project entirely. The move comes in response to a statement from the heiress herself, who denounced Jeffrey Toobin’s book for the way it “romanticizes” Hearst’s traumatic experiences and makes light of her abduction.
James Mangold to Direct Patty Hearst Movie
We’ve been wondering what the director of Logan would pick for his next project, and although last week it seemed like James Mangold would follow up his gritty superhero flick with a more kid-friendly endeavor, a new report says otherwise. Mangold is set to direct an untitled drama about Patty Hearst, with Elle Fanning in talks to portray the notorious heiress-turned-left wing terrorist.
‘Logan’ Director ‘Dreaming’ Up an X-23 Spinoff
Every once in a while, a female-driven film is so successful that it wakes studios up a little more to the reality that women actually watch movies. Bridesmaids paved the way for more raunchy female comedies; The Hunger Games and Twilight gave us a slew of YA copycats (and the subsequently more interesting careers of Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart); and now Wonder Woman is inspiring studios to place more emphasis on their female superheroes. One of those heroes could be X-23, aka Laura, Hugh Jackman’s young mutant sidekick in Logan.
New ‘Logan’ Deleted Scene Confirms Caliban’s Fiery Fate
Even though it was the last in a kind of series, Logan introduced quite a few new characters into the X-Men universe, while simultaneously saying goodbye to some familiar ones. Of these new characters, some of them left the story barely after we’d gotten to know them, including Stephen merchant’s creepy, melancholy mutant Caliban.
Watch the Head Stabbin’ Magic in the ‘Logan’ VFX Breakdown
If you’ve read any of the more mature X-Men comic books, then you know Wolverine’s go-to move is to stab people in the head. Oh, sure, he’ll slash some throats and cut off some limbs  —  he’s the best at what he does, after all, even if what he doesn’t isn’t very nice  —  but when push comes to shove, there’s no replacing a trio of claws to the noggin. That’s what made the violence in James Mangold’s R-rated Logan such a fun experience for fans. Here was the merciless killer they all loved, even if he is still nursing that secret heart of gold.

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