James Marsden

‘Westworld’ Season 1, Episode 3 Recap
Three episodes in, Westworld is quickly becoming a show of theories. Tonight’s “The Stray” didn’t advance much of the show’s overarching narrative, but it did throw a major monkey wrench into one of the more notable theories which has been written about a lot after…
HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Delivers Chilling, Clever Sci-Fi
Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi film is something of a cult classic, offering an early blueprint for Jurassic Park with its tale of scientists playing God and an ill-advised theme park run amok (seriously, what on earth happened during Crichton’s family vacations?). Similarly, Crichton&…
'Westworld' Opens its Gates With New HBO Photos
HBO may not have delivered a new trailer to go along with its formal confirmation that Westworld would debut on October 2, but the latest photos at least help preview its expansive cast. In addition to the latest story details, get a new look at Westworld in these fresh character portraits.

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