Jessica Henwick

'Game of Thrones' Sand Snake on 'Stormborn' Fate, Fan Hate
The Sand Snakes are likely counted as Game of Thrones’ biggest misfire, though the outcome of Sunday’s “Stormborn” was no less shocking. Now, star Jessica Henwick reveals how Iron Fist changed her character’s arc in Season 7, and why the Sand Snakes’ introduction might have stumbled as it did.
'Game of Thrones' Jessica Henwick Returns After 'Iron Fist'
The writing for Loras was pretty much on the wall when Game of Thrones star Finn Jones booked the lead in Marvel’s Iron Fist, but less certain was the fate of fellow HBO player Jessica Henwick. No one would necessarily begrudge time away from the Sand Snakes, but Henwick now confirms Nymeria Sand will be back for Season 7 … briefly.
Vincent Cassel Joins Kristen Stewart’s Thriller ‘Underwater’
There’s a pretty neat-sounding movie that’s been quietly in the works for a few months: Kristen Stewart signed on to Underwater back in February, which is described as an Armageddon-like action-thriller that centers around a submarine crew, an earthquake, and a fight for survival. If you’re a fan of famous French actors and/or Black Swan, get excited, because Vincent Cassel has officially joined the crew.