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John Oliver Fulfills FIFA Promise to Chug Bud Light Lime
For all the change Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has used his Sunday HBO platform to call for, few occurred so quickly as FIFA head Sepp Blatter resigning from his heavily-corrupt post. Steward had mockingly pledged to endorse FIFA sponsors like McDonald’s and Bud Light, should the compa…
Watch John Oliver’s ‘Infrastructure’
If there’s one thing Last Week Tonight With John Oliver viewers learned from last night’s show, it’s that infrastructure is not sexy. It became a bit of a mantra for the show: infrastructure is not sexy. But! What if it could be? And what’s sexier than a big screen summer…
John Oliver on Who Should Host ‘The Daily Show’
Why doesn’t everyone ask John Oliver for advice on everything? The Last Week Tonight host consistently thinks of the best possible answer for every possible question, so why not just turn him into the world’s all-knowing sage or something? The guy isn’t that busy, right?
'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Renewed Through 2017
However brief the window may have been, we can officially say goodbye to dreams of John Oliver returning to host The Daily Show after Jon Stewart. HBO has officially locked down its breakout star for two more seasons of the acclaimed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, bringing more belated-but-hard…
John Oliver Has Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl
John Oliver is afraid of the Super Bowl. The 'Last Week Tonight' host has admirably dedicated himself to understand American pursuits -- especially sports -- since he came across the pond to be funny and say smart things on television, but even he is a little terrified of the Super Bowl.
Community Season 6 Yahoo Premiere Details
'Community' surprised us all yet again with its last-minute Yahoo renewal for a sixth season, as well with yesterday's news that the Greendale Gang would return to Comic-Con 2014, but fans of the cancelled cult NBC comedy still have a few questions about its return. Now, we have even …

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